Russia Football 2018 amateur radio activity
13 Jun 2018 author: R4AS

From June 14 to July 15 will be held days of activity dedicated to the holding of the World Cup in Russia.
The Russian Federation will be represented on the air by 45 special radio stations.
The Union of Radio Amateurs of Russia established a series of commemorative awards.
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65 Years of Amateur Radio in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
30 Apr 2018 author: RQ4A

The district of DARC e.V. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern organises in the period 01.05.- 30.06.2018 a special radio activity on the occasion of 65 years of amateur radio in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania after the 2nd world war.
With it should be reminded of the beginnings, of excellent personalities of the amateur radio and of the gigantic technical development of these 65 years.
For the award are to be effected on 10 different days of QSOs with the special station DM65MVP. As a joker a QSO can be used in this period with the station DM90IAM (90 Years of Amateur Radio in Wismar).
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Umberto Nobile expedition to the North pole - 90 years
04 Apr 2018 author: R4AS

In the year of 90th anniversary of reaching the North Pole by the Umberto Nobile's expedition on the airship and the rescue of the expedition team after the crash of the airship by the Krasin icebreaker, the “Arktika” radio club with the “INORC” radio club Italy introduce awards "Nobile-90", "Dirigibile ITALIA", "Umberto Nobile" and plaque Nobile-90.
The time of the awards program: from 00-00 Z April 5, 2018 to 23-59 Z December 31, 2018. Operating schedule of the memorial Callsigns IR0IT, IR0UN: 00-00 Z, April 5, 2018 to 23-59 Z, July 12, 2018.
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100 years of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association
12 Feb 2018 author: R4AS

100 years ago after the congress of Lublin, Poland (1918, November, the 1st-2nd) the polish scouting organisations had decided to form The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP).
During 2018 special stations will have calls XX100ZHP or XX0ZHP (XX – polish prefix 3Z, HF, SN, SO, SP or SQ).
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Milestones of science in the history of radio
31 Dec 2017 author: R4AS

The “MILESTONE SCIENTISTS IN THE HYSTORY OF RADIO” award is an international, worldwide award organized by A.R.I. Fidenza, a group of Radioamateurs affiliated to A.R.I., Associazione Radioamatori Italiani (Italian Radioamateur League), aimed to honour and commemorate some of the most eminent scientists who have given a paramount, fundamental contribution to the theoretical, experimental and technological development of the Radio Communications technology. The award period lasts the whole year 2018 : every month of the year is dedicated to one specific scientist and is associated to a different special callsign.
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20 years of Russian Contest Club
13 Sep 2017 author: R4AS

The Contest marathon: «RCC 20 YEARS» is part of events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Russian Contest Club (RCC).
Dates of the contest marathon:
Start: 21:00 UTC -13 sep 2017
Finish: 21:00 UTC - 16 sep 2017

Available different awards for participants. Rules, TOP and QSO searching -

New international version
08 Sep 2017 author: R4AS