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The yearly Hamlogs Awards Ceremony took place on June 20th at the upscale Grand Hotel in the heart of London. Some of the most well-known ham radio enthusiasts from around the world attended the awards ceremony. Outstanding amateur radio operators who showed exemplary passion and commitment to the hobby were given the honours.

Photo by Samuel Ramos

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Dr. John Smith, a well-known ham radio operator, delivered the keynote talk to kick off the ceremony. He discussed the value of the pastime and the influence of committed ham radio operators on the world. He congratulated them for their passion to the pastime and acknowledged their effort.

The prizes were given to those who had been nominated after the keynote presentation. Best Ham Radio Operator and Most Improved Ham Radio Operator were among the categories. A commemorative plaque and a certificate of recognition were given to each prize winner.

Some of the award recipients also spoke to the audience about their experiences and stories throughout the ceremony. They talked about the difficulties they encountered when using ham radios and how happy they were when they were successful. The anecdotes motivated the audience to keep pursuing their interest for the activity and inspired them.

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